Total Solution of Food Packing

Test Items

Barrier Broperty Testing: oxygen permeability, gas permeability, moisture permeability

physical and mechanical properties: tensile property and elongation, peel strength, sealing strength, puncture, tear, heat shrinkage, impact, friction coefficient, thickness, headspace gas analysis, torque, steaming and boiling resistance, bags fatigue, leakproofness,etc.

Purpose of packaging testing

□ Verify the reliability of packaging materials and overall packaging
□ Find the main factor that causes the product damage.
□ Provide basic data for optimizing packaging solution
□ Provide basic data for designing the best product transportation scheme

Significance of packaging testing

□ First, reduce the comprehensive cost: ※ reduce the cost of materials※ ; ※Decrease breakage rate , reduce the economic loss, lower the cost of after-sales maintenance※; ※Promoting rationalization packaging and shipping plan,reduce the comprehensive cost of the logistics※
□ Second, avoid loss of enterprise brand value

Presentation of Packaging testing instruments

Equipments for barrier property

1、Oxygen Permeability Tester: Based on Cullen voltage method, Originate patent technology of three independent integration test chamber, to confirm temperature and humidity control in the same level, to improve test efficiency. According to the following standards: Coulometry, ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, ISO 15105-2, JIS K7126-B, YBB 00082003, etc.

2、Gas Permeability Tester: differential pressure method, carry out GB 1038 standard. it is applicable to the gas transmission rate, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient, permeability in various temperature of plastic film, complex film, barrier film, sheet, foil, rubber, tyre air-impermeability, pemeable membrane

3、Water vapor permeability tester: At present, It has four methods- Infrared , weight, electrolysis, humidity. Applicable to the water vapor transmission rate test of plastic film, complex film, flaky material, High-barrier materials, backboard of solar cell, foil, waterproof roll, and Bottles, bags, cans, boxes of various materials. Through the determination of water vapor transmittance, to control and adjust the packaging materials and other products of technology index, meet the different needs of application.

Physical and mechanical properties testing instruments

1、 (XLW series) Aoto Tensile Tester: Be applied to stretch, stripping, deformation, tear, heat-seal, adhesion, puncture force, opening force, unwinding force, poke force and etc. of plastic film, flaky material, flexible packaging materials, plastic hose, adhesives, adhesive tapes, adhesive sticker, medical patch, protective film, release paper, combined cover, metal foil, diaphragm, backplane materials, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper fiber and etc.

2、CHY-CA Film Thickness Tester: Based on mechanical measurement method, it is applicable to accurate thickness measurement of various kinds of plastic film materials within the scope of accurate. Carried Standard: GB 6672, GB/T 451.3-2002, GB/T 6547, ASTM D645, ASMT D374, ASTM D1777, TAPPI T411, ISO 4593, JIS Z1702, BS 3983, BS 4817 and etc.

3、MFY-01 Leak Tester: Carried standard GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078 and other relevant standards. Be applied to the industry of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and etc.

4、LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Tester : Carried standard GB、ASTM、ISO. Be applied to food, medicine, automobile, rescue, transportation and other categories;
High temperature sterilization, filling production line, , beverage bottle, bottlenecks, bottle embryo, plastic security caps, all kinds of ointment tube, shelf life evaluation, etc.; Medical infusion bags, medical infusion bottle, blister packaging, shelf life evaluation, etc.;
Air bags, lifesaving equipment, transport buffer cushion, etc.
Flexible packaging formed by virious of heat sealing or bonding method.
Quantitative measurement of sealing property of all kinds of plastic anti-theft caps.

5、MXD-01 Coefficient Of Friction Tester: Carried standard GB/T
Be used for the test of static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, rubber, paper, cardboard, conveyor belt, tires and etc.

6、COF-P01 Inclined Surface Coefficient of Friction Tester : Carried standard ASTM D202、ASTM D4918、TAPPI T815. it is professionally applicable to the determination of coefficients of friction of paper, paper board, plastic films, sheets, convey belts and other materials. By measuring the smoothness, open force of the packaging bags, the speed of packaging machine could be controled.

7、NJY-20 The open and lock forces of bottle caps are important online and offline production parameters. They can influence the transportation and consumption of products. NJY-20 Digital Torque Tester is designed to measure the open force and lock force of the caps of bottles, spout bags and flexible tube packages. Its great stability and precision makes it a necessity for the manufacturing process.

8、It can provide accurate and fast evaluation of the volume and proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in sealed packages on production lines, at warehouses or in laboratories, to serve as a guide for production and ensure shelf life.

9、SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester: it is designed for the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textiles and nonwovens. Lift the pendulum up to a certain height to give it an initial potential energy. The pendulum tears the specimen while swinging down. Computer calculates the decreased energy caused by tearing to obtain the required force for tearing.
conforms to various national and international standards:
ISO 6383-1-1983, ISO 6383-2-1983, ISO 1974, ASTM D1922, ASTM D1424, ASTM D689, TAPPI T414, GB/T16578.2-2009, GB/T 455
10、 HST-H3 Heat Seal Tester: Based on the heat sealing method, and professionally applicable to the determination of heat seal temperature, dwell time, and the pressure of various composite films to guide industrial production. The instrument adopts the specially designed heat sealing jaws, which completely conform to multiple national and international standards.

11、SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester: Carried standard SO 6383、ISO 1974、GB 11999、GB/T 455.1、GB/T 455.2、ASTM D1922、ASTM D1424、ASTM D689、TAPPI T414, designed for the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textiles and nonwovens.

12、BMC-B1 Falling Dart Impact Tester: Carried standard GB 9639、ASTM D1709、JIS K7124.
It is designed for determination of mechanical properties of packaging materials within 1mm by a free falling dart from a certain height, to get the impact mass and impact energy at the moment of 50% of the film broken.

13、 RSY-01 Film Free Shrink Tester: Carried standard GB/T 13519、ASTM D2732.
This instrument is professionally applicable to the determination of heat shrinking performance and dimensional stability of various films, heatshrinkable tubes, hard PVC films for tablets, and back-sheets in the fluid medium at different temperatures.