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Paper Test

Bursting Strength Tester, Proportional Sampling Device, Thickness Tester, Tear tester, Compressive Strength Tester, compression tester, ?Folding Strength Tester, Stiffness Tester, Tearing Ttrength Tester, ?Smoothness Tester, Speckiness Tester, Whiteness Tester, Colorimeter, Absorbency of Paper and Paperboard, Beating Degree Tester, Friction Tester, Gas Permeability Tester.

The Main ?Paper Tests:?

Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester is designed based on the method of international Mullen, it’s a professional test instrument which can be used to tearing bursting strength of paper. All kinds of its parameters and technique data confirme ISO2758《Paper—Bursting Strength Measure》and GB454《Paper Bursting Strength Measure method》, also can be used for silk, cotton, etc of non-paper-made material.

Proportional Sampling Device

Applicable to make standard sample for various of paper quantitative determination and thin film bursting strength testing. Cut a standard sample of 100cm2, and can get the unit weight(g) of the item by electronic scales.
Application: Textile, Papermaking, Packaging, Testing and Research, etc.
Product Introduction: Sampling cutter is a professional tool used for taking a sample of textile fabrics, paper and cardboard, etc. The cutter has the features of wide range of sample size, high accuracy, easy to handle.

Thickness tester

it’s a professional tester for testing the thickness of paper and paperboard, and its technical data and performance parameters confirme with GB451·3《Test Method of Paper and Paperboard》.

Tearing Tester

SLY-S1 Elmendorf Tearing Tester is designed for the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textiles and nonwovens.

Compression Tester

Compression Tester(also named Annulus Pressure Tester, Side Pressure Tester), it is a new type of high precision testing instrument be researched and developed by our company according to provisions of national standards. The main application are Ring Crush Test (RCT), Edgewise Crush Test (ECT), Flat Crush Test(FCT), Peeling Adhesive Test(PAT) for the paper within 0.15~1.00mm, and Flat Crush Test of paper core(CMT), etc. Currently, our Compression Tester is a high cost-effective instrument with high accuracy in domestic.

Crush Resistance Tester

Be used for testing Stress, deformation, and stacking of the Packaging corrugated case and Honeycomb Paperboard. It also can be used for crush resistance testing of plastic bucket (cooking oil, mineral water), paper barrel, paper boxes, paper cans, integrated buoyancy can (IBC barrels), and other containers.

Folding Strength Tester

It is a professional Tester for testing the folding strength of paper,paperboard and other flaky materials(copper foil, etc.), and it is an ideal test equipment for the industry of papermaking, packaging, scientific research and product quality inspection and others.

Bending Stiffness Tester

It is a professional Tester for testing the bending stiffness of paper and paperboard, especially for the materials within 1mm. Based on the international standard Taber, the main technical parameters confirmes with GB2679·3《Methods of Bending Stiffness》.

Dirt Count of Tester

According to GB/T1541-1989《Method of Dirt Count of Paper and paperboard》


Impurities: Any small piece of materials that no need embedded in pulp which size are oversteped.
Dirt Count: The number of impurities in a certain area per square meter area of paper or cardboard.

Product Overview

The tester is used for testing Dirt Count of paper and paperboard. items that conform to QS of paper packing: Food Parchment, Translucent Paper, Food Wrapping Paper, Food Packaging Cardboard.

Whiteness Tester

It is widely used in the industries of paper making, textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, ceramic, enamel, chemical, food, building materials, paint, salt and other department that need testing Whiteness. The Whiteness Tester can test transparency, opaqueness, light-scattering coefficient and absorptivity for paper.

Absorbency of Paper and Paperboard Tester

It is a general instruments based on Cobb method that used for testing surface absorbency of sized paper and paperboard(including corrugated paper). Except surface absorbency, it is not suitable for writing quality of the paper and paperboard.