Frequently Asked Questions

XLW-PC Auto Tensile Tester common trouble-shooting
  • If there is electric leakage after power on, please check the power supply circuit and ground connection, and make sure them in a good condition.
  • At a low temperature, the LCT becomes thin is a normal phenomenon; At a high temperature, the display becomes bright is also a normal phenomenon.
  • When the system appears disorder phenomenon, please press 【reset】
  • At standby mode, when press【test/print】、【microliter】、【decline】, the gripping head don’t move and together with voice from relay, the fuse may be broken.
MFY-01 Leak Tester Solutions of common problems

Press 【test】 button after power on, if the pressure of vacuum tank has no-change, please check is the interface connected well. Elimination of the above reasons, please check is the vacuum tank sealed well( It is suggested to stain with water around sealing ring of first use).
If the lid of vacuum tank can’t be open, please check is there any pressure remain in the tank, only when the vacuum meter shows 0 test cover can be opened.
when the high negative pressure value(more than -80kpa) be set, and the test pressure cann’t reach the set value, please check is the supply pressure reached 7Mpa.