Application Area

Jinan Searching Electronic Technology Co., Ldt. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the laboratory instrument research and development,manufacture and sales.
Since its foundation,the company has provided testing instrument with high quality and high-end for various of industrie,like the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive products industry, quality inspection institutions, scientific research institutions, daily chemical and others.We have our own testing laboratory with more than 60 pcs of equipment,and can offer accurate testing service.

Testing Services

Our Advantages

The Strength Casts Brand

Three major research and development center, two independent production line, A comprehensive and experiential lab. The cumulative volume of products have exceeded more than ten thousand pcs.We always improve the system of the four major product systems and have more than 50 products.

System Of Honor Certificate

ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, measurement qualified confirmation certificate, CE certification, the software copyright ?patent, utility model patents, exterior design patents.

Cooperation With Customers

Widely in the service of scientific research units, quality testing agencies, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, packaging industry, printing industry, adhesives industry, cosmetics industry, and other areas of the different customers.

Comprehensive Laboratory

Comprehensive laboratory, equipped with independent research and development of more than 60 sets of advanced equipment, to provide clients with accuracy and reliability of testing data.

Sales Service Commitment

Replacement within three months,one year warranty,life time technical support; quick response to the question in one hour, give the solution within one business day.

Professional r&d Team

Hardware r&d center, software r&d center and Personalization center. Ideas from standard, experience is higher than the perception, the pursuit of high precision, quality throughout!

Product Customization

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