BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester

BLD-200N Auto Stripping Tester can be used for peeling, stripping and other performance tests of adhesives, adhesive tapes, pressure sensitive tapes, medical adhesive bandage, protection films, release paper, laminated films, leatheroid, woven bags and paper.

  1. General Details

    ? The instrument is controlled by micro-computer with menu interface, PVC operation panel and large LCD display

    ? 3 kinds of testing data are provided for each test i.e. Maximum Value, Minimum Value and Average Value. Group data analysis is available

    ? Input the test parameters, itcould output a group analysis?data.

    ? Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protection, automatic position reset and error alert for safe test operation

    ? Equipped with RS232 port and micro printer port which is convenient to the data transmission and PC connection。

    ? Various test speed?could be set by the electronic speed control

    ? According to the international standard ,such as ISO,JIS,ASTM,DIN,etc.

    ? Easy operation, convenientfor using, reliable?performqance,quick test.

  2. Principle & Standards


    GB/T 4850-2002、GB 8808、GB/T 1040.3-2006、GB/T 17200、GB/T 2790、GB/T 2791、GB/T 2792、QB/T 2358

  3. Applications Specifications
    Basic Applications Tensile Strength and Deformation Rate
    Tensile Strength at Break
    180 Degree Peel Test
    90 Degree Peel Test
    Extended Applications Tear Resistance Shearing Performance
    Heat Seal Performance Low Speed Unwrapping Force
    Release Paper Peel Test Opening Force of Bottle Caps
    Adhesive Strength Test (soft) Adhesive Strength Test (hard)
  4. Technical Specifications
    Specifications BLD-200N
    Capacity?Range 0~200 N (30 N, 50 N and 100 N are optional)
    Accuracy 1% FS
    Resolution 0.01N
    Test Speed 1- 500 mm/min
    Specimen Width ≤30 mm
    Stroke 650 mm
    Instrument Dimension 1000 mm (L) x 350 mm (W) x 400 mm (H)
    Power Supply AC 220V 50 Hz
    Net Weight 25 kg

    Standard configuration
    Mainframe, Micro-printer,??Professional Software,?Communication Cable, test?board, standard?Pressure Roller

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