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    1. LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector

      LSSD-01 Leak and Seal Strength Detector is professionally applicable to the quantitative determination of seal performance, seal quality, burst pressure, compression resistance, torsion force and joint/disengaging force of flexible packages, aseptic packages, various plastic pilfer-proof closures, flexible tubes, caps and other materials.

      1. General Details

        ? Based on the positive pressure method and controlled by micro-computer, with LCD, menu interface and PVC operation panel

        ?Dual test methods of restraint distension and unrestraint distension for customer’s free choice

        ?Different test modes of burst, creep, and creep to failure to meet different test requirements

        ?Optional test range, “one key operation” and other intelligent designs support combinations of non-standard test conditions

        ?Professional software provides automatic statistics of test data

        ?Equipped with micro-printer and standard RS232 port for convenient PC connection and data transfer



      2. Principle & Standards


        ISO 11607-1、ISO 11607-2、GB/T 10440、GB 18454、GB 19741、GB 17447、ASTM F1140、ASTM F2054、
        GB/T 17876、GB/T 10004、BB/T 0025、QB/T1871、YBB 00252005、YBB 00162002

      3. Applications Specifications
        Basic Applications Plastic Composite Bags
        Test the compression resistance of various plastic films, aluminum films, paper plastic composite films, aluminum plastic composite films and other packaging bags
        Flexible Tubes
        Including various flexible tubes used in daily chemical products and other industries, e.g. flexible tubes of toothpaste, face cream, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and food
        Creep Test
        Including various packaging bags and boxes
        Creep to Failure Test
        Including various packaging bags and boxes
        Extended Applications Burst Test Of Blister Packs
        Including various blister packs
        Aerosol Valves
        Test seal performance of various aerosol valves, e.g. vales of pesticide, hair spray, auto spray paint and medical spray packages
        Three-Sided Sealing Materials
        Test withstand pressurization stress of packaging bags with three-sided seal and one-sided open
        High Pressure Test
        The maximum test pressure could reach 1.6MPa
        Pilfer-proof Closures
        Test seal performance of various pilfer-proof closures, e.g. closures used in packages of Coke, mineral water, beverage, edible oil, sauce (soy, vinegar and cooking wine), three-piece cans (beer and beverage), and paper cans (cylinder shape for potato chips )
      4. Technical Specifications
        Specifications LSSD-01
        Test Range 0-250KPa; ? ?0-36.3? ?psi(standard)
        0-400KPa; ? ?0-58.0 ?psi (optional)
        ?0~600 KPa;? 0~87.0 psi (optional)
        0~1.6 MPa;? 0~232.1 psi (optional)
        Gas Supply Pressure 0.4 MPa~0.9 MPa (outside of supply scope)
        Port Size Φ8 mm PU Tubing
        Instrument Dimension 300 mm (L) x 310 mm (W) x 180 mm (H)
        Pedestal Size 305 mm(L) x 356 mm(W) x 325 mm(H)
        Power Supply AC 220V? 50Hz
        Net Weight 23 kg
      5. Documents
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